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13 Embarrassing First Date Stories,The cheater.

A pretty embarrassing story that I HOPE makes one or two of you smile since I'm putting myself out like this. Thanks for watching! Watch more:Girls, Games an Embarrassing Dating Story #3. The Coughing Fit. I was at dinner with a man I met online when he had one of those horrible coughing fits that wouldn’t stop. I gave him some water, offered Here are some funny, but awkward first date stories that no one would want to live over again. 1. "I met a guy on tinder and we went to my favorite local bar for our first date. He was amazing, 2. Anonymous, "Met this guy online and decided to meet. He failed to tell me that he lied on his profile about his height (by at least inches) and was bald. It was so bad that I didn't By Anonymous, February 6 — We’ve all been there — the stars cloud our eyes and our better judgement and we find ourselves on terrible or embarrassing first dates. Enjoy some ... read more

After what seemed like an eternity, I began to look around the hotel lobby and noticed a guy sitting on a couch at the far end. We made eye contact and he stood up and walked towards me. Deep down I hoped that he had not been sitting there the whole time that I was speaking to my friend.

I was on a date with a guy at a restaurant. We had already been dating for a little while and I knew I liked him. I was not yet sure what he thought of me. I wanted to share more about myself with him. I had just come back from a trip to Israel and I wanted to show him an album with pictures of my family, so I brought the album to the date.

He was soaked! Despite that, he was the perfect gentleman and told me it was not a big deal. I was mortified and sure that he would end it. Who would want to marry a klutz? Lucky for me, he still married me. We now have three beautiful boys together! I volunteered for an organization for children battling a serious illness. I was asked to take a shift in the hospital taking care of a child. During that time, a handsome, tall, religious doctor with brilliant blue eyes came to visit our shared patient.

I was determined to find out more about him. I roomed with other single women and one of them was in medical school. I went home excitedly and shared the information with that roommate to see if she could find out who he was. I described his features, the floor he had visited, and the time he came. My roommate called her colleagues and did her research. She confirmed that they knew who he was and that I should trust them.

They were going to set me up with him. The evening of the date, I was all ready to meet this really handsome medical resident. The doorbell rang and I flew down the staircase from my second-floor apartment to greet my prince. I noticed his beautiful blue eyes right away. I also saw that he was short and balding.

It was not him! We went out to eat and had an OK time. As he was walking me back to my apartment, he ventured to actually ask me if he was the right person. I was too embarrassed to tell him the truth, so I did all I could to give him the impression he was the person I had meant to meet. I thanked him profusely and somehow ended the date on a good note. He wanted to go out again, but it did not work out.

I had dated a girl several times over several weeks. During one of our dates, we were sitting in the car on a busy street in the center of a Jewish neighborhood. Suddenly, a guy about my age walked over to her side of the car, glared at her through the window, and stomped off down the block. When she found the words to speak, she explained that the whole time she was dating me, she was actually dating that guy too. I think she is married now, but not to either of us. Unfortunately, we both broke up with her after that experience.

After texting him outside the café because I was too ashamed to go back in, the man I was supposed to be meeting came out. We walked around and talked about old movies and why he never wanted to get married. At this point, it was 8 p. I got out of the car and started dry heaving. I felt so embarrassed, but he was kind and picked up some water and food for me.

I had a date with a sugar daddy near the end of November. A week earlier he said that I looked beautiful in a dress he bought me and told me to wear the dress on our next date.

It just so happened that there was a storm on the night of the date. The dress was flowy and grey, yet still casual. I decided to wear it and got stuck in the storm downtown an hour before I had to meet him. Here I was in an expensive restaurant, soaking wet and runny makeup without a date. In freshman year, I used to take the bus home every day. I noticed that a guy would take the same route from university and get off at my stop.

After a couple of weeks of polite smiles and nods, I introduced myself and we eventually became good friends. I laughed and giddily obliged. Looking back, perhaps I should have given it a bit more thought. His jokes had always been provocative, but now they were downright racist.

I tried my best to bite my tongue, but I found myself pettily bickering with him the whole ride home. We parted ways, me trying not to strangle him, and sat across from each other on the bus in excruciating silence for the rest of the semester. When I was 16, I went on a date at a sushi place in Kensington. While we were waiting for the train, I started to feel super woozy and decided I should just go home.

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A Step-by-Step Guide on Registering to Vote Online. Media Platforms Design Team. Being with your crush or boyfriend can already be a nerve-wracking experience, but add a humiliating moment to the mix and you've got yourself a Traumarama! Check out these readers' embarrassing dating stories! We went to a nice restaurant, and while we were eating our meal, I sneezed — and a huge booger bubble came out of my nose! It was awful, and it wouldn't go away. I jumped up as fast as I could and ran to the bathroom with my hands over my face.

After that, the guy never asked to go anywhere with me again. It was so horrible! Cat Trick. I suggested that he and a friend come over to my house to watch movies. We had recently gotten a kitten, and she liked to take things out of the trash and carry them around. While we were watching the movie, she came into the living room and dumped something on my date's lap. He stared at it, and then jumped up and said, 'Whoa! I threw it away fast, but when we finished the movie, he and his friend left in a hurry.

Nothing ever happened with that relationship! Spitting Image. We hadn't kissed yet, but I had a feeling it was going to happen soon. Just as I was thinking about my dream scenario, he came up and kissed me with his mouth wide open and slobbered all over me. There was saliva everywhere!

A second later my mom pulled up and yelled, 'Way to go! First kiss! Pushing His Buttons. As soon as we got into the theater, everyone coupled off and I was left with my crush. In the middle of the movie, he started to make a move on me but stopped midway and started wiggling around. He finally settled in his chair and pulled me to him. After a few minutes, he started making weird grunts. He then blurted, 'You're leaning on my stomach, can you get off? I didn't feel like it, but I could tell that he really wanted me to go, so I agreed.

But once I started checking out the exhibits, it actually turned out to be pretty fun. There was one about the pyramids, and it had a giant maze attached.

I wanted to play a joke on my boyfriend, so I ran ahead of him and hid. I waited behind a wall so I could jump out and scare him when he walked by. As soon as I heard him coming, I jumped out and yelled, 'Boo! I had jumped out too soon and scared a kid who was at the museum with her mother.

I felt so bad, but my boyfriend and his little brother could not stop laughing at my mistake! Sweet Nothing. When he answered the phone, I began reciting my letter nervously. While I was pouring my heart and soul out to him, I heard some noise — it sounded like someone talking to another person and then handing the phone to him.

My guy then interrupted my speech and informed me that I hadn't been talking to him before. His uncle had answered the phone. That whole time I had been confessing my love to his relative! Pop Stop.

On the way to my house, the two of us were making out in the backseat. The entire way home, there was this car tailing us really closely. It was so annoying! But when we pulled into my driveway, we realized it was my dad in that car! He'd been watching us go at it the entire time! I was completely mortified!

At a school dance, I was making out with a guy in a closet. The kiss felt really wet, but I didn't want to stop. Finally he pulled away, pointed at my face, and said, 'What's that? The blood was all over both of our faces. Guess he was grossed out, because he rushed out of the closet and left me standing there.

Tall Tales. I was sitting in the cafeteria with my friends when I decided to play a little joke on them. They all knew I was totally in love with this guy Brian, so I decided to tell them I was dating him. They stared at me in shock as I told them how he had called and said he loved me. The tale was really getting good when I heard a voice behind me say, 'So, when did all this happen?

Faux Pas. It was my very first Valentine's Day with a serious boyfriend. We went out for dinner, and he draped a beautiful gold necklace on me. I was so flattered — until later that night, when I noticed a gross green ring around my neck! My guy swore the jewelry was real, but his friend told me he'd found the necklace on the street and just picked it up off the ground. Wrestle Mania. This guy I was really into asked me to go to a movie with him and his friends. Everything went fine — until my dad came to pick us up.

My father asked one of the guys if he was a wrestler, then my dad looked at me and said, ' She wrestles! I was totally mortified! Pay, Pal. But he said yes! I turned bright red and told him that I'd accidentally 'left' my wallet at home. I didn't bring it, thinking I wouldn't need to! He looked annoyed, and I never went on a date with him again! Foul Play. He was so cute, and I was so nervous around him.

I was trying to act cool as he was telling me a funny joke, but just as he said the punch line, I laughed so hard that I peed my pants! Then his friend walked by and shouted, 'Oh, my god! This girl just peed herself! I definitely stayed away from the rest of his games that season!

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2. Anonymous, "Met this guy online and decided to meet. He failed to tell me that he lied on his profile about his height (by at least inches) and was bald. It was so bad that I didn't Funny Dating Stories - Embarrassing Moments. 1. "PLL: OS" Referenced the Original in a Big Way (!) 2. 16th Birthday Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Big Day. 3. Everything to Know About the We’ve been married for two years now." — erinaustinp. 6. This literal emergency. "I fainted and fell on my face, busting my chin, splitting my lip open, and chipping two front teeth. When I Embarrassing Dating Story #3. The Coughing Fit. I was at dinner with a man I met online when he had one of those horrible coughing fits that wouldn’t stop. I gave him some water, offered Embarrassing dating stories are more than great for a good laugh. What can we learn from embarrassing dating stories to improve our relationships? Here are some questions you can The guy who *really* likes spreadsheets. "I went on a four-hour (FOUR-HOUR) Tinder date with a match who proceeded to walk me through the intricacies of Excel. Every day he charted his ... read more

You bring us the beginning of football season, bonfires, and nights spent looking at the stars. He went back home thinking I had stood him up and he was caught in a prank! You bring us the beginning of football season, bonfires, and nights spent looking at the stars. Boy, was I feeling the excitement and my Instagram and Pinterest pages would confirm it. Well, SELF asked to hear your dating app horror stories, and you guys answered. And we recommend getting the place fumigated.

It was a beautiful day and we were having a lot of fun. leaned over the couch while she was sitting there facing forward. However, it's all good cause embarrassing online dating story classmates next to you are in the same boat as you. He even asked me on a second date, of course I said no! It may seem like a lot, but the results are worth the hassle - especially for those of us who actually do need a lot of skincare products.