Online dating stinks

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 · I know it is not as "taboo" as it once was, but I tried this a few years ago and DID NOT LIKE IT!! I think online dating is bad for these main reasons. 1.) It is a copout for most  · Document Content. The reason why Online Dating Sites Blow in Video Version. Music (podcast) type for those of you on the road. Now the reason online dating stinks.  · online dating does stink. I think people need to be screened for passive aggressive personalities on dating sites. All big talk and snarky writing and then BOOM Mr. Shy and Self  · Not Knowing What They Want: Time Wasters On Dating Sites, Online Dating Pitfalls. Most people on dating apps do so because of loneliness, busy lifestyles, or offline Missing: stinks You might also contemplate using in conjunction with your current e-dating site,, two sites that strive for partnering based on genetic compatibility ... read more

Gosh, I thought I made it all up by myself. re: the doctor story, i mean. my two cents on online dating: i've met some outrights jerks and really shallow people; i also met the most wonderful boyfriend i've ever had online, and he's still in my life and always will be, i hope on hotornot. com , no less, back in the day. but only on the "meet me" section, not the ratings!

my mom met my stepdad online on AOL back in the day. my two cents for the subway thing: yesterday, i was on the subway and saw a cute guy; then he whips out a blood testing kit, and tests his sugar, and i'm a diabetic, too, so i test mine, and ask him what his reading was, and next thing i know i've missed my stop but it seemed neither of us wanted to stop chatting turns out we're both new here, both from miami, same age I figured i could take the R up north and then cross the park later to get home to harlem but i forgot the R goes to queens.

so i literally went 45 minutes out of my way to spend 10 more minutes talking to this guy, and i ended up giving him my card so we could "swap stories about our doctors here" ; he hasn't emailed, though.

le sigh. so much for my first attempt to be the one doing the hitting! Based on my experience - online dating tip. If under height it says "under 5 feet", don't assume the girl is " 4 feet 11 inches". Especially if the only photo is a head shot. same way for guys- subtract 2 inches from their height if they are under 6 ft. They are NOT 5'9" no matter hard they try to believe! Suzanne - The woman was a little person. I needed to subtract from the "feet" portion, not the "inches". Oh, I forgot I have this classic online story to tell A friend of mine answers an ad in CL- they trade pictures The other guy's pic has him shirtless, tan, abs, thin, gorgeous standing in a backyard looking hot My friend definitely wanted to meet, him, so they set up a time and a place to meet Fast forward a few days, my friend is sitting in a bar waiting for hotness.

Hotness shows up 50 pounds heavier and MISSING AN ARM. How do you not mention that YOURE MISSING AN ARM? That's why I hate guys who post half-naked pictures of themselves, or just partial ones. WoW In more than one sense of the word! com cool Mission Statement is as follows: To provide a simple and intuitive website which assists and facilitates the building of relationships between World of Warcraft enthusiasts. I think finding the one for you is a matter of chance. You can try anything--CBD, the subway, bars and clubs-- and all might not work unless you happen to be at the right spot at the right time.

I agree with Eric who didn't make it his priority, and I think that's the way to go. For me at least, in the past, the people that I dated, I found them when I wasn't looking for them. The only one I was ever in love with--he just happened to be my neighbor. As for others, I met them through friends, at rock shows, even on the subway, yes.

And one time, at a bar. And that totally didn't work. We clicked while we were drunk yet on the first sober date, there was barely anything to say. Anyways, my point is, in order to meet the right one, there is no special recipe or perfect solution you just have to put yourself out there, be open-minded, and not desperate. So, that's how online dating works -- "the lady writes, "I in turn send him a polite "No Thanks" thru the Match system which sends him the following email: 'Thanks for writing to me, but unfortunately, we're just not a good match.

Good luck in your search! Our Portraits didn't match on: A. Personality'" A spurned and brokenhearted John wrote back, less robotically but no less douchily. I think you forgot how this works. You hit on me, and therefore have to impress ME and pass MY criteria and standards - not vice versa.

You are not in shape. I am a trainer on the side, in fact, I am heading to the gym in 26 minutes! So next time you meet a guy of my caliber, instead of trying to turn it around, just get to the gym! I will even give you one free training session, so you don't blow it with the next 8. I've been on and off JDate for years I've met some nice guys and plenty of wacky ones as well The older I get, I just feel like I'm looking at leftovers or scraps Sure it may be easy to see someone on a subway and talk and I talk to EVERYONE!

Looking for single Jewish male, 34 - I'm not even going to list height or body type as most people add or subtract depending nor hair or eye color. start a "calling all jews" thread and PRESTO - Yelp becomes your dating site. That was a rather Snarky comment I didn't find it kind Actually, I was kind of serious. I didn't start a thread but I did find a great girl on Yelp - it's not a dating site TM. Online dating is just like any other kind of dating except you have to have your antennae up a little more.

As for nondisclosure, I have a story that's a lot better when you hear it in person, but in the spirit of PJ G's story about neglecting to mention that you're missing an arm I believe I can equal that, if not top it.

I had a guy show up who was missing an EYE. And wasn't camouflaging the fact, either. No fake eye, no patch, nothing. I nearly passed out. He had categorized himself when we spoke on the phone as "legally blind in one eye".

This was the same guy who, while still standing in my vestibule, then whipped out a Tiffany Lucida cut diamond ring and two tickets to Vegas and suggested we go and get married RIGHT THEN. On our FIRST DATE. Please don't make any blind date jokes--I have heard them all. Oh--and did I mention that in his free time he was a CLOWN??? And that he brought a color headshot to our date, of him in full clown regalia? My friend Flo moved to Nashville last year, and hadn't been there a week before she told this story at a get-together.

I can't even go to Nashville in anonymity any more. I took a break from online dating after that one for a while. Holy shit, Jessica - you really should write a memoir. Snarky V. Sticky Situation: Men Dating Online Could Break Law on 25 March , by mark selfe A federal law, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, makes it a felony for a man in the United States to communicate with a foreign woman via a fee-based dating web site, without the man first submitting unilaterally to criminal background and sex-offender checks and certifying all previous convictions or arrests, marriages, or divorces, children, and states of residence since the age of The foreign woman, in this scenario, is not held to the same investigation.

In fact, there is no investigation Jessica, your story is both frightening and hilarious. Last night at an event, these two guys start chatting me up, they both have the same name, one of them starts kidding the other one about how much they share.

then he mentions he's also sharing his wife. Uh huh. Other guy, no wedding ring, out late at night in a club, possibly married and out hunting for single women. BTW, when his friend said wife, if looks could kill, he would have been dead. Liisa, interesting news item, but with all those rumors about Eastern European women wanting to get married here to get a green card, they should also be checked.

I did hear that there's a push to have anyone who signs up for a dating site go through a background check. That still won't screen out the wack jobs. you WIN best first date story my best doesn't hold a candle to yours a clown, blind date, marriage proposal? You must keep dating, if only for the stories Omg Jessica that is the funniest story I've ever heard! That's HILARIOUS! I met my boyfriend of seven years playing Spin-the-Bottle and Truth or Dare as a teenager.

We went our separate ways and years later in college we remembered that night and got together and stayed together for 7 yrs. The kids had it right with those games In NYC I've met two guys on the bus, in the park walking a dog, and through friends. The key is filtering through friends, people. The only problem is when your network of friends is lacking. In which case it's time to make new friends and enter new circles that way Online dating online dating does stink. I think people need to be screened for passive aggressive personalities on dating sites.

All big talk and snarky writing and then BOOM Mr. Shy and Self-Conscious shows up at the bar. I'll stick to real life dating thank you very much. It's not great, it's not horrible. It was a necessary step in my dating life. I learned a lot about myself, and dating in NYC. Plus, I met two great guys in the process. Neither worked out, but they were fun and kept me occupied for a little bit. I luckily have no horror stories, but I think it really works out for some people.

It's just no longer for me kate F - that is so darn true! Mr Snarky becomes Mr Shy Guy - two words - small weenie. I've never done on line dating, but I have had both positive encounters on the Subway and creepy encounters. Positive was well worth it. And creepy - well it gives me stories to post about. Creepiest encounter was on the bus when I lived in Hoboken, a guy tried to follow me home.

Rite Aid saved the day So, in summary - you meet people everywhere, make eye contact, don't be offensive and strike up a conversation, if there is chemistry it could lead to something. If no chemistry, move on. meeting girls on the train. com i tried chemistry. com for a month. thought it was aight. i've met boys just through internet music message boards.

then marry them, later sue them for their money, fake my own death, rinse wash repeat. Jessica F, Yikes! That's one of the worst dates I've ever heard about. My bad ones have generally just been boring or annoying.

And like it's a good thing to trash irreplaceable art!? and could he have my number, but please write it down for him because he'd just dropped his cell phone in the urinal and wasn't sure it would work again. The only reason he left the place still standing is that I was working and could've been fired for unleashing the full fury.

If you're a single girl into outdoorsy guys, they'll come right up to you in Tompkins Square Park! James, was her name Sonya Thomas? James: Holy shit I would have thrown up my own dinner seeing a girl eat like that. That is one of the reasons I don't take girls out to dinner for a first date Overeating is just disgusting.

James that is really one of the strangest and funniest stories I have ever heard. Jason--calm down. Some women eat. Deal with it. sure women eat but nobody should eat that much. I know lb guys that couldn't eat that much food in one sitting. Tapas are as far as I go during the first few dates.

We too are consciously lovely ;-. James - Jeeezus- next time leave your Gap jacket at the table and go to the restroom and never return! She deserves to be stuck with the bill after all that. James that was a hilarious and creepy story! I have one for you. I go on a first date with this guy. He picks a nice French Restaurant in Gramercy Park.

He asks if I want to split a bottle of wine, I said sure, we order a bowl of mussels and split it, he asks do I want to split another bowl of mussels, sure I say. He's thirsty and he gets another split of wine. The bill comes and I ask if he wants to split it, or should I kick something in. He says yes, asks for a certain amount of money, tucks it in his wallet, then pulls out his credit card to pay the bill. He calls me a month later to see if I want to go out again, I tell him I'm slightly busy for the next five years.

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Bronx Night Market is Back. Things Annoying People DO - For Melanie B. What are you listening to right now? Online dating stinks. Bob B. New York, NY 0 friends 5 reviews. Report as inappropriate. New York, NY 44 friends reviews. Joe O. try the subway bro. Moby D. New York, NY friends 0 reviews. Joseph K. Los Angeles, CA 90 friends reviews. Nicole N. Manhattan, NY 20 friends 64 reviews. Josephine Z. Brooklyn, NY 59 friends 0 reviews. Sera R.

South Ozone Park, NY 79 friends reviews. Dar K. Brooklyn, NY 7 friends 22 reviews. The platform is a much easier pickup place. Brian D. New York, NY 97 friends reviews. Drew B. Scottsdale, AZ friends 61 reviews. Caroline A. Fairfax, VA friends reviews. This Yelper's account has been closed. Mahua C. New York, NY 88 friends 0 reviews. Eric I. Brooklyn, NY friends reviews. Jesse M. Newport Beach, CA 69 friends reviews.

Don L. New York, NY 9 friends 0 reviews. Maritess Z. Seattle, WA friends reviews. Maria M. New York, NY friends reviews. Maria, How was it counter productive? Liliya M. Brooklyn, NY 25 friends 0 reviews. NY, NY friends 94 reviews. ah well, word limit. finish the story! It better not be "Okay. Harry B. Brooklyn, NY 55 friends 70 reviews.

hey guys, dont know if my previous post came up. Lisa F. Richard A. Honesdale, PA 0 friends 2 reviews. Claire Y. Chicago, IL friends reviews. Mariposa P. New York, NY 21 friends 81 reviews. Therese D. Lindenhurst, NY 3 friends 4 reviews. Danielle C. Buffalo, NY 4 friends 36 reviews. Soozie H. San Francisco, CA 89 friends reviews. Jessica F.

New York, NY 86 friends reviews. Fabian T. New York, NY 0 friends 0 reviews. I'm a bunny? Buffalo, NY 33 friends 81 reviews. Rocky: lol. Suzanne G. New York, NY 98 friends reviews. Liiisa C. Natalia M. Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY friends reviews. Ladi Da A. San Francisco, CA friends reviews. all dating stinks -- p-e-r-i-o-d. Candy G. Montclair, NJ friends reviews. AssholeJohnson X. Death Valley, CA 32 friends 0 reviews. Holly W.

Kingston, NY friends 19 reviews. Nic B. Miami Beach, FL friends reviews. Oy, I am getting married. No more dating for me! Kate F. Justin C.

Boston, MA friends reviews. Online is teh suck. Unless it's through yelp. Rebecca H. it's great for one thing: quick lays. Rachel S. New York, NY 34 friends 0 reviews. Anna B. Hamden, CT 79 friends reviews.

Katie H. Kansas City, MO 49 friends 23 reviews. Emma S. Brooklyn, NY 84 friends reviews. Jeff C. Yeah, the hobos are HOT. Women can also sniff out the best-looking men , and may be able to detect sexual orientation using nothing but their noses.

You might also contemplate using GenePartner. com in conjunction with your current e-dating site, or ScientificMatch. It is very likely that returning to use of oral contraception will eradicate the off-putting odor, renewing your interest in your mate. In fact, your current state of distress may be an affair risk. Christine Garver-Apgar , Steven Gangestad , Randy Thornhill, and others, for their fascinating discoveries about MHC and infidelity.

Christine Garver-Apgar, Steven Gangestad and Randy Thornhill , whose science has shown that women can detect the most symmetrical men by smell alone. Andrew Trees , Decoding Love. Cindy Meston and David Buss , Why Women Have Sex. Jena Pincott , Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes? Rachel Herz , The Scent of Desire. If this article piqued, intrigued or otherwise inspired you, it might help others as well.

Do you have a question for Duana? Contact her at Duana LoveScienceMedia. All material copyrighted by Duana C. Welch, Ph. View Printer Friendly Version. Email Article to Friend. This is quite interesting how the smell of our partner can turn us off. Been married for a bit more than 16 years now and it started about good 10 years ago that I started to realize that I don't like the smell of my husband. He's ok smelling after he showered but not when we had sex.

I got turned off fast. Well, now we are in limbo anyways and I am considering separation and eventually divorce. We are only at the beginning of this beautiful phrase of our live. But besides the smell, there were other issues as well - but I've never thought about the smell maybe might be a part of it.

Kind of silly but also funny in a way. So, so glad to no longer being on hormonal birth control. I love, love, love the way my husband smells. Incidentally, I think all of my children have his scent. Biological coincidence?

I don't think so. Duana - Does this happen in the opposite? Say you meet your partner while off the pill, and then decide to go on it, are there problems with smell in that situation, since you state that women start to seek those that smell more compatible?

I was aware that our sense of smell affects our courting process but I wonder to what extent. I for one have a terrible sense of smell. Unless you shove something an inch under my nose I won't be able to distinguish from a plate of old fish, and even then it still has to be fairly strong smelling. At the same time, I have very rarely ever felt attracted to anyone else admittedly I'm only It's something my brain has been picking at for some time.

Does the lack of ability to smell make it harder to pick out a partner? Does it have any correlation to asexuality? Or does it actually have the opposite effect, making it easier because one can't smell the bad scents? Dear Sonja, I've heard of couples who divorced over the woman's losing all attraction for her husband based on how he smelled to her once she got off the pill but in your case, it's not clear whether the pill was ever involved. I wonder, do some women somehow ignore the smell mismatch until things go emotionally wrong?

Did he smell okay for six years and then I wonder what could change his biochemistry or yours, or your perception of his. These are all things you and I won't know, but at any rate, I wish you both the best as you consider what to do now. And Dear Jackie, How intriguing!

I wonder, does Dad pass along his scent? I've never heard anything about it. And Dear Allison, GREAT question. Some women find difficulty in becoming aroused or orgasmic while on the pill, but does going on the pill turn women off because they find their partner too un-familiar? I don't know. I've only heard from women who were turned off by a man's scent after they got off the pill--not the reverse.

And the research I know of doesn't examine the scenario where women choose a mate while off the pill, and then later start taking oral contraceptives. And Dear Griffin, Another great question for which I have no certain answer!

Even though you're young, it's common for people age 21 to have felt many attractions already. Your experience with attraction definitely counts, but I can't necessarily explain it. On the one hand, I have personally known women who have lost all scent-sation, and they have chosen and fully committed to mates; but I don't know any research on the topic.

Where is someone supposed to meet someone new anyway? Obviously the gold standard in meeting someone new is the friend of a friend introduction. My buds think the bar scene is an atrocious way to meet someone new.

Work- there are a ton of people who will never cross that line and date a coworker J-date- Nerve Match- blah ick. Most guys that I know on j-date score like madmen, and they have no intentions of settling down anytime soon. It certainly seems as if Jewish single men in NYC are a hot commodity. As an aside: I know men who actually go on j-date and pretend to be Jewish in order to pick up some gals.

My biggest gripe with online dating is that people screen too heavily. I have tried the online thing a few times- and absolutely hated it. Here is my screen incase anyone was wondering. Female Single Within 30miles of NYC For me meeting someone is person is defiantly the way to go. There is a chemistry that one can gauge in person, and that can never be replaced with a photoshopped picture and a google searched witty quote. If one removes work, bars, and online dating from the equation- it seems like the laundry mat and the supermarket is the place to go.

dude try shaadi. com very very simple this is where all the THARKI DESI GUYS GO. When I had a roommate back before I was married, he met his girlfriend on the L Train. His statement was "man, that train is fueled by sexual tension. Holy crap the train is a goldmine. Every single day I run into a new girl that is my type times 10x- it actually blows me away how many unbelievably girls are on the train. I can think of no place that is harder to meet someone. Believe me I have tried and fell in a blaze of miserable rejection when I tried.

When I notice a pickup attempt on the train it is utterly imposable to not to listen in. You know what I am talking about- I have seen men move in and go for pickup on the train and I can only watch in dumbfounded fascination. It's quiet as a pin drop and I am intently observing and gauging this mans skillz in the wild. Sometimes I can't help but chuckle to myself because I know exactly what he is doing- and silently I am rooting him on.

But damn it's hard to talk a strange gal on a silent train- especially when you know everyone is listening in on the conversation and grading your performance. Doesn't matter if it's a silent train - forget what the rest of them think.

You only live once. if you can get a girl's number on the A train, you have nothing to fear in any other situation. It's like diving into a really cold pool - once you do it, it's done. I've been wondering this too, the best place to meet someone!!!!

at the yelp pool thing a couple weeks ago i was talking to Drew about how I wish people who were open to talking to strangers could idenitfy themselves somehow so if I go wherever and happen to see someone I feel like talking to I can go up to them and start talking without worrying they will get annoyed a stranger is talking to them.

I think pins might solve all of our problems. Wear a green pin and that means- I like talking to strangers. Let's take it a step further though. I think everyone should wear an index card stating their preferences types as well. I can't tell you how many I have spoken to a strange girl only to have her tell me I am not her type.

So here I am talking to this girl- and unbeknownst to me; she only likes talking to men who are blonde and blue eyed. Perhaps if I knew the girl behind her like's guys with hazel eyes and wavy hair I would have shuffled my time, efforts, and resources somewhere more productive. Same goes for a guy- maybe he only likes gals that look like Maggie Gyllenhaal and he does not care much for girls that look like Cameron Diaz.

This is not about good looks per se- Some people would rather hook up with Adrian Brody or Ed Norton over Brad Pitt. Everyone has a different type and not everyone's preference fits that standard mold. But how to know- who finds you attractive and who does not? Again this goes back to the misleading allure of online dating.

Screen for what you want and poof only people that fit that criteria showup. the subway! no way anyone who hits on me on the subway im just like they are crazy or a freak i wouldnt wanna tell the grandkids i got picked up on the nice try but we dont for go subway hookups! Ehhh speak for yourself Sera. I've gotten a few dates via random subway chat. The only time the girl wasn't receptive was when she was married it was winter, she had gloves on, didn't see the ring.

And I would think a 7 train romance story would be much nicer than a 'we hooked up at some lame bar' story. haha melvin - hilarious! i agree with brian too - subway works just fine. sera, you KNOW if that dude chats you up on the subway [that you wanna be chatted up by] you will dance with him like baby and i don't know his name.

ponyboy is it? You know it's so cliche, but you really never know when you're going to meet someone. I met my boyfriend by chance, randomly when I least expected it. I don't think either of us were specifically "looking.

Good luck to you and until then, enjoy single-hood! If the chemistry is there - it's there. Doesn't matter where or how you meet. That said, if you start talking to me on the subway, I'm going to move to another car. I just re-signed up for jdate and I have decided that the people at jdate or any site don't really want you to find someone and live happily ever after. So say you want to do the cheapest then you sign up for six months and what if you find someone right away, then you still have paid for another half a year and you'll be wasting your money if you don't look around right?

If you find your soul mate these companies will be losing a customer. My girlfriend and I hooked up in college. It's been almost six years. Before that, I hadn't dated anyone for about 6 years.

I tried to date but it wasn't an easy thing. I wasn't happy with anyone and I found that it was just difficult finding anyone really decent. So I stopped dating and then one day I just found "the one". Granted it did take six years. I just didn't focus on it and it wasn't a priority. I was preoccupied with school and other things at the time.

I never dated online. I found it to be very non-personal and I am a very personable guy. I had a roommate who dated online and it was a very habitual thing. He was extremely picky when he ought not be, considering how the guy looked. And he was very mean to his dates. He'd come back and talk about how he told the girl that she looked nothing like her picture, she was too fat, too ugly, too weird.

I can only imagine the devastation on the girls end. I mean, It is very deceiving to lie about yourself and present something other than what you are, but I would have more pity on that person than anger.

The guy was sick and for most experiences that I've had with people who date online, they are a bit weird, introverted, not very friendly people. And I don't think that online dating is helping their personality disorder very much.

Sorry if that was offensive to online daters out there, its just my opinion. There are many sides to on line dating Being a Jdate member I have seen my share of extremely creepy, perverted guys, but than my share of really sweet men.

There are two sides from what I gathered, one group of jdaters who are just out looking for a fling, or a one night stand, but than on the other side men who just really do not have time in there life to meet a lady at a bar, or around the city and find it easier, and narrowed down to people with common interests.

I find when "jdating" it can become very superficial picking and choosing people based on looks, but you are being introduced to people you normally wouldn't meet right on the street, unless the g-ds are on your side, and it is fate It is hard to decide who is normal, and unmormal if there is such a thing, but being able to put your self out there on a website is an extremely admirable trait, and just as many unsuccessful stories there are, there are also a lot of success stories.

My dad met his soon to be wife on there, and I couldn't seem them with any one else! It is the cutest..

Why Is Online Dating So Hard? Are Dating Apps Worth It?,Do not subscribe to The SoSuave Newsletter unless you are already a chick magnet!

 · Not Knowing What They Want: Time Wasters On Dating Sites, Online Dating Pitfalls. Most people on dating apps do so because of loneliness, busy lifestyles, or offline Missing: stinks You might also contemplate using in conjunction with your current e-dating site,, two sites that strive for partnering based on genetic compatibility  · Document Content. The reason why Online Dating Sites Blow in Video Version. Music (podcast) type for those of you on the road. Now the reason online dating stinks.  · online dating does stink. I think people need to be screened for passive aggressive personalities on dating sites. All big talk and snarky writing and then BOOM Mr. Shy and Self  · I know it is not as "taboo" as it once was, but I tried this a few years ago and DID NOT LIKE IT!! I think online dating is bad for these main reasons. 1.) It is a copout for most ... read more

Everyone should be prepared to see something they might not want to while online dating. Deal with it. But how to know- who finds you attractive and who does not? meeting girls on the train. I tend to agree with Joey Z that online dating is pretty much for "side-dishes". so much for my first attempt to be the one doing the hitting! The COST!!

James that was a hilarious and creepy story! Online dating ca be great or suck depending on your situation. First there were bulletin boards, then came the dating websites, and now there are dating apps. All Conversations Online dating stinks hour ago. Joined Oct 3, Messages Reaction score 2.